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WHY Conference

They live under your roof or spend hours in your classroom, but why do they seem to be coming from a different planet?

Technology and cultural influences have increased the divide between the thinking, communication and even learning styles of generations. You may feel it is almost impossible to connect with the children you are called to parent or teach. What do you need to know to help them? How can you better understand how they think and feel? What Bible truth is important for their development? At the Why Conference you will leave with a deep understanding of how to help your student or child with a Biblical Worldview.

At Grand View Baptist Church we want you to feel right at home the minute you walk through the door! We have ministries for all members of your family.  Whether you are a single adult, just married, have kids at home, or an empty nester, we have ministries designed just for you and whatever stage of life you are in.

Our vision is to partner with families to provide an inviting ministry where children and youth are eager to attend, learn biblical values, and grow spiritually in Christ.


Life at Grand View is full of opportunity - special events, serving opportunities, new sermon series, bible studies, and more!  Get plugged into all that God is doing through Grand View Baptist Church.

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